2015 Learning Exchange Visits elate women from Hoima and Buliisa

Learning exchange visit to Bushenyi

We are back from Bushenyi and Kabarole where we had gone for 2 learning exchange visits that benefitted 40 women from Hoima and Buliisa. This was a unique opportunity for the women from Hoima and Buliisa to learn and share leadership best practices with the women of Bushenyi and Kabarole. Infact, learning about leadership was the gist of the learning visits. During this time, all the women had in-depth conversations on leadership and management, advocacy and lobbying, resource mobilization, and the importance of networking.

The  objectives of the exchange visit were:

  1. To learn from each other the different leadership approaches and experiences that pertain to development.
  2. To share unique talents and experiences amongst the women.
  3. To reflect on the benefits of women's participation in decision making.
  4. To develop relationships with each other around common interests, values, goals and opportunities for further learning.


The voices of the women

“She is a prostitute” after someone has worked hard and gotten money and bought a car or done some developments - (Faridah Mutabazi, Deputy Speaker Bushenyi district)

“After retirement from civil service I started a saving group and giving out loans to people at an interest rate, LEU trained the group in soap making and the group does the work well now the Bishop of kitara diocese is our customer” --  Jacinta Nyamahunge from Hoima.

“If you want to be successful in business, take every coin seriously never treat any loss as minor, but as a learning point. Always have a business plan.” (Kobusinge Mary from Ishaka business woman).

“When you lead, your life changes. The moment you step into the shoes of a leader you change. There are so many decisions to make and people trust you to make the right decisions. You gain confidence. However it is important that one remains honest. Monitoring as well is very important. Even when you are away keep monitoring. For example I have been studying while working and when am away I have noticed that some people relax. Such people work for personalities. A leader doesn’t discriminate”  -- Ms. Lillian Nakamatte, Chief Administrative Officer, Bushenyi District Local Government.