About Cewigo

The Centre for Women in Governance (CEWIGO) is a non-governmental, non-partisan, not for profit advocacy organization that was established in 2006. CEWIGO envisions a world in which society values and cherishes good governance, where women and men equally participate and benefit from decision making.

Our mission is to mobilize and build a critical mass of purposeful and effective women leaders with capacity to influence the governance agenda at different levels through training, research, documentation and advocacy. We implement our activities at national and local levels in partnership with government line ministries, district Local Governments, parliamentary committees, women councils; women led CBOs as well as national, regional and international women’s organizations and networks.

Our Programs

  • Citizen Empowerment Programme (CEP)

    This programme area aims to empower communities, women, men, boys and girls with knowledge and skills to influence public behavior and attitude change that support good governance, and women’s participation in leadership and decision making. When citizens know their rights and constitutional responsibilities they are in a better position to engage electively in their governance, elect leaders of good standing, and ensure that the leaders (elected and holding public office) remain accountable and committed to the delivery of quality social services.

    STRATEGIC OBJECTIVE: -To take lead to influence the integration and delivery of key aspects in national civic education programmes that support women’s participation in governance.

  • Leadership Development

    This is CEWIGO’s major program whose focus is on mobilizing women with leadership potential and building their capacities to understand better how governance and electoral systems work; how women leaders build their political and social base and clout, how they manage successful campaigns; how they make use of their social and political networks to mobilize resources; and, most importantly, how and where to apply their negotiation, research, public speaking and writing skills to advocate for gender responsive policies, programmes, work plans and budgets to improve the conditions of the majority of women in Uganda.

    STRATEGIC OBJECTIVE: To strengthen women’s leadership and capacity to influence positive change at national, local and grassroots levels.

  • Women's Rights Advocacy

    Under this programme area, CEWIGO will continue to build and sustain women’s leadership to articulate and claim their right to peace and personal security and to advocate for the formulation and implementation of gender–responsive laws, policies and programmes that secure peace and good governance in Uganda.

    CEWIGO will also monitor the level of implementation of selected commitments Uganda has made at national, regional and global levels for women’s advancement and empowerment particularly in the area of peace and security. Through various interventions initiated under this programme, CEWIGO will facilitate processes that strengthen institutional and community capacity to uphold, defend and fully respect women’s rights including the right to live free of any form of violence and discrimination. Respect of women’s right to peace and security is a fundamental human right that is absolutely essential for promoting and achieving good governance in Uganda.

    STRATEGIC OBJECTIVE: - To advocate for conditions that sustain women’s peace and security for good governance.

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